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Serving Those Who Served

We help Veterans, Wounded Warriors, First Responders and their families obtain the care they need to recover from injuries received in the line of duty

Founders Statement

I founded in January of 2021 as a way to put "Faith Into Action." It was a calling mentioned to me by a childhood friend and pastor, Phillip Fields, and LibertyOVE is how I chose to administer his advice.  The acronym L.O.V.E is purposeful.  I have served and know the struggles active military and veterans face.  While serving on active-duty as an infantry officer in the Marine Corps I worked with agencies such as the FBI, NYPD, Border Patrol, and Federal Rangers and have witnessed the struggles of their people. I am a survivor of childhood trauma, drug addiction, alcoholism, depression, combat trauma, chronic pain, as well as the feeling of moral injury and abandonment.  These things had a catastrophic effect on my life and relationships.  But I am now free from all of it due to TRIP.  


After my 2nd TRIP session, I was in disarray for two weeks wondering why my life had changed.  I was so used to perceiving the world through my traumas and addictions that the new reality provided to me by TRIP was hard to deal with.  TRIP is a subclinical intervention that separates emotions from traumatic memories; it creates a space that allows you to get back to being the real you, minus your trauma. Post-TRIP intervention, it is up to you to fill that new space with positive things.  To replace the demons in your head with something positive.  I chose to fill my life with Christ, and it has made all the difference.


I am now on a mission to get TRIP, other training, and services to the military, veteran, and first responder communities in hopes of reducing suicide rates, changing, and saving lives.  We are a very small nonprofit and I need your help to grow and do the work.  Every day we lose men and women to suicide due primarily to their inability to deal with how their trauma is impacting their thoughts and feelings. Together we can help bring down the catastrophic suicide numbers.  Whether you give, volunteer, or just share us on social media it all helps tremendously.  Please join us in the "War on PTSD" today.

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